Stress Management for Diabetes Patients to Control Blood Sugar

  Controlling High Blood Pressure and Hypertension is must for Diabetics:  How Stress Reduction Mind-Body Techniques Impact: Biofeedback Relaxation Technique: Muscle Relaxation: HeartMath Technique: Meditation: Stress Management: Stress has direct impact on your health in case of diabetes as diabetes is worsened due to too much stress because stress elevated your blood sugar levels. So, you need to learn the techniques for better stress management in order to reduce glucose level. Stress not...

Prediabetes Diagnosis and Treatment to Avoid Type 2 Diabetes

What is Prediabetes? How does the condition of Prediabetes or Type 2 Diabetes arise? Who suffers from Prediabetes condition The diagnosis is important for Prediabetes The treatment for Prediabetes In this article, we will talk about prediabetes condition. Well, this is a phase when it is very much possible to bring the blood sugar levels back to normal. One just needs to focus more on what he or she...

Yoga Benefits for Diabetes and Overall Health

Today, we are going to talk about yoga benefits on diabetes patients. We should not take yoga as something very different. We all know that this is one of the ways to be active in life and what we need while suffering from diabetes. Well, we need the same. We agree that there is less conversation about yoga and diabetes together, but we see that...

What is Peripheral Neuropathy in Diabetes?

Major risk of Peripheral Neuropathy: The onset of Peripheral Neurapathy: We talked about this situation in our previous article when we talked about foot and ankle problems in diabetics. Well, we told you already what can be done in this situation. But we are going to reiterate some points once again. In this article, we will mainly emphasize over the risk associated with Peripheral Neuropathy and...

Foot and Ankle Problem in Diabetes Patients

  Common foot problems in diabetics: Difference between foot and ankle problems in Type 1 and Type Diabetes: Foot problem in common people vs Diabetics: Contributors of foot and ankle related issue in diabetics: Professional life and foot/ankle problem in diabetes: Common foot and ankle complications in diabetics: According to Dr. Onosode who is board qualified by Foot and Ankle Surgery Board of America, there are many foot and ankle related...

How do you lose weight with type 2 diabetes

  Follow an extremely healthy lifestyle: Obtain the knowledge of Body Mass Index: Consume more of veggies and fruits: Develop a habit of exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes Only make the goals which are achievable: Dream to be healthier: Weight problem undoubtedly worsens the condition of diabetes. Diabetes is still an underrated problem for many until it does not elevate to a level when one has no control over...

Is milk good or bad for diabetics? What does research say?

Let’s see which type of milk should be consumed by diabetics: Raw milk is beneficial for type 2 diabetes patients as per research Camel milk can be very good in type 1 diabetes Milk products and diabetes There is no doubt that milk is an important part of the diet for most of the people irrespective of their ages. Calcium is found in very high amount in milk...

How to reduce diabetes naturally at home without side effects

Find out healthier options of satisfying your sweet tooth: Limit your consumption of carbohydrate drinks and soda: Say goodbye to processed and packaged food items: No replacement of saturated fat by sugar: Always read labels: Strict dessert consumption: Natural sweeteners can help a lot: Today we are going to talk about how to reduce the sugar contents in your diet for the patients of diabetes because everything that you consume has...

World Diabetes Day | Diabetes Meaning, Symptoms and Causes | Home Remedies

This disease has become so widespread that we have started celebrating World Diabetes Day in order to spread awareness of diabetes among people. It was only in 1991 when people first paid attention to it seriously as it was increasing very rapidly, and thus it was even decided to celebrate an International Diabetes Day aiming to warn people about the serious changes to be...

16 Signs Your Blood Sugar Is High & 8 Diabetes Symptoms

The first thing that comes to mind for most people when the discussion of health and high blood sugar is brought up is diabetes. It’s an extremely dangerous and deadly condition, but long before the individual is diagnosed with it, the body gives away signs that their blood sugar level is very high. Because many people’s diets consist of artificial and processed foods, the...
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