Stress Management for Diabetes Patients to Control Blood Sugar

Stress has a direct impact on your health in case of diabetes as diabetes is worsened due to too much stress because stress elevated your blood sugar levels. So, you need to learn the techniques for better stress management in order to reduce your glucose level.

Stress not only increases the problem of high blood sugar, but it even hampers the functioning of other body organs because it produces harmful chemicals in the body. High blood pressure is another problem that is also caused by stress.

In order to calm the nerves, we recommend you to build up the mind-body connection which is directly or indirectly advantageous to one’s overall health. Yoga, meditation indulging in one’s hobby are some techniques through which we can easily shift our attention. Shifting our attention to something more fruitful or peace-giving can do wonders for our health.

Sometimes we don’t realize that we are under stress because there are many causes of stress. But if you keep yourself busy in a way that you start getting happiness in life other than your normal work schedule. You have the feeling of self-sufficient. You do something for enjoyment and the time you devote to that, you also get to rejuvenate yourself by releasing all the toxins from your body in a safe way.

Controlling High Blood Pressure and Hypertension is a must for Diabetics:

Mostly stress causes high blood pressure or hypertension too. These problems further damage our health. They also increase the risk of blood vessels related issues such as heart problems, vision impairment, kidney failure, and many more.

The blood pressure should always be in the range of 140/90. But in the case of diabetes, we even need to reduce it to 130/80 because the more blood pressure means the more production of sugar. Although the normal blood pressure is considered to be 120/80.

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 How Stress Reduction Mind-Body Techniques Impact:

Stress reduction techniques are very helpful in taking your relaxing mode wherein stress hormone buildup reduces automatically. As you know that our body needs an ample amount of oxygen to release toxins from body. But this consumption even increases when our body is stressed out. Mind-body techniques slow down breathing by further decreasing the consumption of oxygen by the heart and respiratory system.

Well, so far you might have understood that mind and body techniques are used to concentrate on the inner state of being. There is no need to overdo them. As long as your blood pressure seems to be normal, you can stop overindulging in them. You can also take the advice of the doctor in this regard.

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Biofeedback Relaxation Technique:

Not many people are aware of the Biofeedback strategy. An external device is used in performing it. It generally helps you to be focused on the relaxation response that comes from the body. This response is about the functioning of the body.

In order to monitor breathing, pulse, and tension in muscles, we can use heart rate monitors and many other devices.

It is not mandatory to practice breathing exercises with a device, you can even do the same without having the need of a machine. You can count 1 and 2 and inhale, then the same you can do for exhaling. You can further increase the count to 3-4 gradually.

Remember if you have any trouble breathing, you are not in relaxing mode.

Muscle Relaxation:

stress management in diabetes
There are many muscle tension reduction technique which are helpful in much better blood sugar.

In this, you increase the awareness of your sensations. You can focus on a particular body part by practicing it. All you need to do is you need to breathe very swiftly and focus on maybe your food or knee. Bring your attention to any muscle tension in the body, and then you can exhale by releasing the tension.

You need to learn muscle relaxation techniques because it is not easy to follow it on your own in first place.

If you practice a muscle relaxation technique, you improve your blood sugar as it can be under control easily. Moreover, it even helps you get rid of other associating issues like insomnia.

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HeartMath Techniques:

In this technique, you can focus on your emotional responses to stress. When you get angry, the blood pressure increases correspondingly. Well, the heart math technique uses a rhythm coherence. This can be influenced by focusing on the positive side of something. In this, we practice heart-centered breathing in which we extend exhalation longer than the inhalation.


Through meditation, we learn self-regulation of our attention. You can increase your focus through this technique. There is a good number of meditation practices. You can choose the one according to you. In meditation, you can even chant a word or phrase in order to make your mind calm and still. This gives you internal peace.


Meditation is closely tied to the spiritual dimension. Meditation improves your overall health. It not only keeps your blood pressure normal but also improves your blood sugar by increasing the insulin sensitivity of your body.

You understand the real importance of quality life and you stop being the part of the rat race. It keeps you away from all the deadly diseases. You find yourself much stronger if you practice meditation more often. Meditation is even good for cancer patients.

Stress Management:

Definitely, you need to learn Stress Management because you cannot take stress for every small and big thing in life. Things will not always be according to you, you need to understand. So, you need to change your responses to stressful situations. You need to learn to keep yourself calm in every situation. You can even take counseling for it if you feel you cannot alone combat it. This will give you an opportunity to talk to somebody about your problem openly.

There are multiple options for managing stress. Simply stop thinking about the problem and look for a solution. No matter how big the problem is stay calm, and give yourself time to respond to it more positively and appropriately. Don’t haste, it can’t help. 


Whatever strategies and techniques we talked about today are extremely helpful in managing your stress. Stress Management definitely can help you in controlling blood pressure and regulating blood sugar in your body.