Boost Your Waist Management In Diabetes With These Tips

Well, you won’t believe but your waist is really a contributing factor to diabetes. In fact, your waist size even tells you whether or not you are at risk of Type 2 diabetes. If you want to be away from diabetes or maybe any other health problems, the first thing you need to do is that you do the right waist management and you do not let it increase at any cost. You have to understand that most of the health problems which we face are because of extra fat around the abdomen.

What is the Importance of Waist size Management Among Diabetics?

There is always the risk of fat impacting several organs of your body. Extra fat on your body disturbs the functioning of all the other organs of your body. This problem is usually seen with the liver and pancreas. The pancreas is the organ which manages insulin production in accordance to the body’s requirement. But extra fat in your body can put pressure on this organ and this can disturb its functioning. Disturbance in the functioning of the pancreas is actually the real reason for the insufficient production of insulin which leads to the condition of diabetes. So Importance of Waist size Management Very Important For Among Diabetics.

The pancreas produces the insulin, but that insulin cannot reach your body cells due to extra fat in your body. This situation is called insulin resistance which is quite common in type 2 diabetes patients. This does not let your blood sugar be in control as it gears the increase in that.

In order to have good health even after suffering from diabetes, you need to track your weight very wisely. You can do it with the help of BMI. Maintain the right BMI in accordance with your height and weight. This is one parameter of having better health. But the size of your waist is also a problem, even if you have a healthy BMI, you can still be at the risk of Type II diabetes, if you have a larger waist size.

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How to measure your waist?

We are going to tell you about how to measure your waist for better Waist Management of your blood sugar. Follow these steps in order to keep track of your waist size:

You can measure your waist with the help of the tape. You can yourself do that or the best way is that you ask one of your family members to do that for you to have a more accurate recording of that. That completely depends on you.

Don’t take your jeans size as your waist size. It is not the right interpretation of the size. It is not mandatory that your waist size has to be the same as the size of your jeans. This way you cannot manage your waist size properly.

To better measure your waist, you need to figure out where your hip bone is. Also, you need to see where your rib cage is finishing because that’s the exact point where you need to keep your tape from one side to the other. If you still get confused, then you can do it as per the belly button. But we still recommend you measure your waist from the midpoint of the ribcage and hip bone.

What is the appropriate waist size for a diabetic?

Well, it can be different for you all because we have differences in height and weight. In fact, genders also play a crucial role in that. So, we are going to give you a standard size which is for both males and females. You need to try that you do not let it go beyond this. The measurements for both the genders are as following:

  • Women should not have more than 31.5 inches of midpoint measurement, you can even call it the middle abdomen around the navel area.
  • For males, it should not go beyond 37 inches.

These measurements do vary as per region also, but this is the standard for most of the cultures.

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How to reduce your waist size?

Now the question is how to reduce the waist size if you have more than this waist size. Well, let us make it clear that it takes a lot of strength in reducing the waist size because it is not easy at all. You need to be very strict about your diet and you need to even be more active. Like you may have to do exercise very regularly without skipping on any single day.

Follow these three tips to be more active in life:

  • The very first thing which you need to do is that you need to have realistic goals. It is not that you start expecting more from your side which is not ideal because you can never follow it no matter what. Start from easy to moderate workout habit and then moderate to intense as per your caliber. Do not pressurize yourself much because we don’t want you to injure yourself in order to see the fast results.
  • Secondly, you need to even plan everything well in advance. Have very strong planning about what you are going to eat and what activities you are going to follow. It will help you in making up your mind accordingly. It should not disturb your personal and social life. So, this planning helps you make changes in your life very easily. What we mean by this is that you can even do your exercises if you feel that you can only take out time during lunchtime. Being active is very easy in today’s life. You all use your own transport or public transport. You can simply avoid it here and there wherever it is possible. Always walk to short distances.
  • You need to first make small changes. Do not come up with something big which is not even done because it won’t help you at all. Moreover, include the activities in a way so that you can enjoy them. You can do one thing that you can include things like swimming or any other sports which you like and you can be very active with the help of it.

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So, these were some small things which you can very easily do. Remember that small things make the difference. Please don’t avoid your health. In fact, be very strict about your fitness, if you see any major change in your body weight or waist size. Better Waist Management of your fitness will definitely keep you away from all the health problems in the future and you can enjoy your life more.

What is the importance of the waist size among diabetics?
How to measure your waist?
What is the appropriate waist size for a diabetic?
How to reduce your waist size?

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