What is Peripheral Neuropathy in Diabetes?

Major risk of Peripheral Neuropathy:
The onset of Peripheral Neurapathy:

We talked about this situation in our previous article when we talked about foot and ankle problems in diabetics. Well, we told you already what can be done in this situation. But we are going to reiterate some points once again. In this article, we will mainly emphasize over the risk associated with Peripheral Neuropathy and how it actually begins.

Major risk of Peripheral Neuropathy:

This is a situation when person stop feeling the sensation in feet. Usually it is related to feet. Whenever the diabetes patients face this problem, they don’t even get the idea of their own real problem. They lead their life being unaware of this fact. In this problem, if a diabetic person gets injured in feet, he is not going to feel the pain. You can see the injury, but there are less chances of identifying the small wounds. When it and injury is painful, you pay more attention to it. But in this condition, they don’t have any pain as they stop feeling any sensation in their feet.

Now, it creates the situation that the wound cannot be treated immediately. Moreover, it can lead to even very severe infection as a small wound can take the form of ulcer.

The onset of Peripheral Neurapathy:

Well, the exact onset to explain in words will be difficult because they patients cannot orally tell you much in this situation. When the patient himself have no sensation, so it could be any time, you cannot have very right idea.

I heard from one patient that it started with burning and sometimes with the feeling of tingling. In other words, the feet started giving over sensation before they went numb completely. This is believable because it usually happens.

The sensation is sometimes in one foot, one loses it completely. In other cases, it is not there in both the feet. The same goes to ankles

The only thing we can suggest you is to talk to your doctor and have a podiatrist assigned regarding these issues.

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The best part is to get more and more awareness about any situation which you develop. I mean getting good amount of knowledge about your own health problem with keep you in the right direction. In case of diabetes, if you gain more and more knowledge, I think you can easily handle any situation in future. The first and foremost thing is to keep in under control, which has to be done very seriously.