Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds for Diabetes and Other Health Problems

You need to understand that you need to try to be away from other disease when you want to prevent or control the problem of diabetes because other diseases can worsen the diabetes. Please read further to know how to prevent yourself from all the health issues. Who has not seen pumpkin? Everyone has, but it is still a very much underrated type of vegetable...

डायबिटीज ठीक करने के 10 घरेलू उपाय

अगर आप अपना सर्वश्रेष्ठ ( best ) देते हैं, तो मधुमेह ( diabetes ) को नियंत्रित करना कोई बड़ा मुद्दा नहीं है। सबसे पहले जरूरी यह है कि आपको मधुमेह के बारे में पर्याप्त ज्ञान होना चाहिए। इसी के साथ आपको उन कारणों के बारे में भी पता होना चाहिए, जिनकी वजह से आपको यह समस्या हुई है। क्योंकि किसी भी समस्या का हल...

10 Home Remedies to Cure Diabetic Patients Naturally

Controlling diabetes is not a big issue, if you give your best. First of all, one has to have an adequate knowledge about diabetes. There are reasons that one suffers from this problem. So, it is always a good idea to find the root cause of this problem and then you can look for the home remedies through which you can easily manage it...

Management of Diabetes Quick Reference Guide

Regular physical and eye checkups Vaccines need to be up to date Consume aspirin of daily basis Commitment to keeping the diabetes under control There are many things which are must in diabetes disease. Some are related to diet plan, the other are related to medication and there are some more which are related to physical exercises. The right coordination of the three will definitely help a patient...

6 Ideas of Health Care for Patients with Diabetes at Home

We all know that any health problem that occurs is associated to other problems in human body. So, whenever we try to cure one, we have to try to fix the other one concurrently. Today, we are going to talk about such complications that may exaggerate the problem of diabetes. But if it is tackled with other problem together, then it can help our...

ब्लड शुगर की जांच घर पर कैसे करें

ब्लड शुगर मीटर का उपयोग करने से पहले बरती जाने वाली सावधानियां मधुमेह परीक्षण के लिए त्वचा से ब्लड निकालते दौरान ध्यान में रखने वाली सावधानियां आज हम आपको बताने जा रहे हैं कि मधुमेह ( diabetes ) को किस तरह से नियंत्रण में रखा जा सकता है यदि आप हमेशा अपने रक्त शर्करा के स्तर को बार-बार जांच करते रहे। बेशक मधुमेह का मुख्य कारण...

How to monitor blood sugar for diabetes to keep it under control

Precautions before using a Blood Sugar Meter Precautions while pricking the skin for diabetes test Today we are going to talk about the ideas of self-monitoring for diabetes. Of course the main cause of diabetes is mismanagement of glucose which is produced in our body when we eat anything. This happens because the body is not able to produce insulin which does not let the level...

Function of Stomach and Digestive System

  How the Stomach Functions How the Digestive System Works We always talk about diabetes and its types. Sometimes we focus on each type and talk about precaution and treatment that you take. Here, we are not going to talk about it, in fact, we will tell you how the stomach and our digestive system work when we eat anything, although its also related to diabetes and...

5 Tips for Managing Diabetes

  5 Tips for Managing Diabetes Know your diabetes Know your blood sugar Know your food Know the importance of exercise Stress management and sleep According to an endocrinologist and a clinical associate professor of medicine at the Cleveland Clinic who treated patients with diabetes for 20, there are five that might make your life with diabetes much better. Know your diabetes Knowing your diabetes is very important. You should know what is...

Insight on How Ayurveda Can Cure Diabetes

The word diabetes mellitus is derived from two different words; diabetes means excess urination and mellitus (which also means honey). It is a lifelong medical condition caused by the lack or insufficient production from the β cells of the pancreas. Insulin is a hormone of vital importance. It actually works like a key to open the door of your cells to enter the sugar....
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