Different Healthy Types of Tea for Diabetes Patients

Types of Tea for Diabetes Patients

Tea has become a modern snack and people like drinking tea for many reasons. Tea has caffeine in it, which makes us feel energetic for some hours and we can do our work with an enhanced concentration. But drinking tea can be harmful to patients with diabetes. That’s why today … Read Full

Caffeine and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes | Bad Effect on Blood Sugar

Caffeine and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

There is a relation between intake of caffeine and diabetes. Caffeine is found in numerous items that we consume every day. Well, there are types of diabetes and there is a degree to it. Type 1 diabetes is not that serious as Type 2 diabetes, so when we say that … Read Full

Foot and Ankle Problem in Diabetes Patients

Foot and ankle problems

  Common foot problems in diabetics: Difference between foot and ankle problems in Type 1 and Type Diabetes: Foot problem in common people vs Diabetics: Contributors of foot and ankle related issue in diabetics: Professional life and foot/ankle problem in diabetes: Common foot and ankle complications in diabetics: According to … Read Full

How do you lose weight with type 2 diabetes

type 2 diabetes

  Follow an extremely healthy lifestyle: Obtain the knowledge of Body Mass Index: Consume more of veggies and fruits: Develop a habit of exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes Only make the goals which are achievable: Dream to be healthier: Weight problem undoubtedly worsens the condition of diabetes. Diabetes … Read Full

Is milk good or bad for diabetics? What does research say?


Let’s see which type of milk should be consumed by diabetics: Raw milk is beneficial for type 2 diabetes patients as per research Camel milk can be very good in type 1 diabetes Milk products and diabetes There is no doubt that milk is an important part of the diet … Read Full

How to reduce diabetes naturally at home without side effects


Find out healthier options of satisfying your sweet tooth: Limit your consumption of carbohydrate drinks and soda: Say goodbye to processed and packaged food items: No replacement of saturated fat by sugar: Always read labels: Strict dessert consumption: Natural sweeteners can help a lot: Today we are going to talk … Read Full

मधुमेह और भोजन: मधुमेह में क्या खाएं और क्या नहीं


मधुमेह में क्या खाएं और किस चीज को खाने से बचें: यदि रक्त में शर्करा का स्तर बढ़ा हुआ है तो ऐसे फलों का उपयोग करना फायदेमंद होता है जिनमें फाइबर की मात्रा अधिक होती है। भरपूर पानी पीने से भी शुगर लेवल को सही रखने में मदद मिलती है। … Read Full

Diabetes and food: what to eat and what not to by diabetics


What to eat and what should be completely avoided by diabetics: If the blood sugar level is increased then it is beneficial for the the people with diabetes to use fruits that have high fiber content. Drinking plenty of water also helps to keep the sugar level right. Blood sugar … Read Full

Only 2 Green Leaves Kill your Diabetes | Free Diabetes and Health


Scientific Base of Using Aak leaves for Diabetes How to make medicine? Process to follow Precautions for Aak leaves Scientific Base of Using Aak leaves for Diabetes Aak plants are found everywhere in different spices. It bears blueish white flowers with throne and fruits. 2 green Leaves kill your diabetes … Read Full

Only 2 Ingredients and Say Goodbye to Diabetes Forever


How to prepare the recipe to treat diabetes: What are main ingredients: How to prepare the magic syrup: How to consume the syrup: What are the common symptoms of diabetes: Method of preparation: Procedure to follow: Only two ingredients you need to take and you can say goodbye to diabetes … Read Full