Is milk good or bad for diabetics? What does research say?


Let’s see which type of milk should be consumed by diabetics:

Raw milk is beneficial for type 2 diabetes patients as per research

Camel milk can be very good in type 1 diabetes

Milk products and diabetes

There is no doubt that milk is an important part of the diet for most of the people irrespective of their ages. Calcium is found in very high amount in milk and this is also one reason that people prefer drinking milk because bones become stronger if one consumes calcium from different products. It also contains carbohydrates, which are really very good for diabetics. You can have milk in different forms too such as curd, cheese, butter and ghee. But you have to consult it with your doctor also because there are many arguments over whether or not one should consume milk with the problem of diabetes.

According to the instructions of American Diabetes Association, diabetic people must include 45 to 60 grams of carbohydrate in every meal in their diet. So, generally speaking, on drinking a glass of milk in breakfast can provide you 27 grams of carbohydrates, which means that over half of the recommended amount of carbohydrates is received from milk. So, now you can easily imagine how much calories you get when you drink one glass of milk.

Let’s see which type of milk should be consumed by diabetics:

We have fetched this information for you to know how drinking milk can be beneficial for you. We have many types of diabetes. So, when we talk about this disease, we even want you to understand that every diabetic person is different from one another. This is the reason that we always have arguments on this topic. But here we are giving you some valid reasons and showing you what the research says. Hope it helps:

• The milk that has all the ingredients present like cream, it is called the raw milk. It is also called fat milk. This is the milk which is full of fat and contains a lot of calories, so this cannot be the right fit for diabetics.

• Of course, we have milk that has not fat in it because the fat is removed from it to make it much lighter and it contains less calories. This milk is called as skimmed milk. But this milk still contains carbohydrates in it and diabetes patients are recommended to consume more and more carbohydrates.

• Almond milk is another type of milk. It is definitely a better option than the milk coming from buffalo or cow. Unlike normal full fat or fat free milk, it contains less carbohydrates. So, it won’t increase the quantity of carbohydrates taken in one meal because diabetics cannot take too much carbohydrates in one meal only.

• From the above lines you might have understood that cow or buffalo milk is not a healthy if taken directly for diabetic people. But there are many studies done which proved that raw milk can be extremely healthy option Type 2 diabetes patients.

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Raw milk is beneficial for type 2 diabetes patients as per research

According to a research in 2013, it was found that whole milk or raw milk can really be helpful in protecting diabetes and heart problem. Surprisingly, a compound known as trans palmitolec acid is found in fat present in the milk, which can better the insulin sensitivity of body.

Even a similar kind of study that happened on the people aged 30 to 75 years showed that people who take dairy product of high fat have less chances of developing the risk of diabetes as compared to the ones who take low fat products.

Camel milk can be very good in type 1 diabetes

To your surprise, we would like to tell you that research found that camel milk can be very good for the people suffering from diabetes because it not only reduces the level of blood sugar, but at the same time improves the production of insulin in our body.

We know very well that main problem in diabetics is that they have imbalance between glucose level and insulin production in body. That’s when they have to suffer from the problem of diabetes and it can further be problematic to the heart health of an individual.

There are also problem associated diabetes which are quite common in patients as it impacts kidney and liver. So, one can easily avoid such issue and wound healing can also improve in diabetes patients.

Milk products and diabetes

Milk products are even very helpful in diabetics according to some studies. Even the people who eat more yogurt don’t develop the risk of type 2 diabetes. The same applies to the consumption of milk products and cheese. All these products can be very helpful in Type 2 diabetes.

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