Different Healthy Types of Tea for Diabetes Patients

tea for diabetes
Different Types of Tea for Diabetics
Green tea is very good for diabetes patients
Turmeric tea can be very healthful in diabetes
Black tea is better than regular tea for diabetics
Cinnamon tea for better health of diabetes patients
Hibiscus tea is a good solution in diabetes
Lemon balm tea is useful too
Chamomile tea is also good in diabetes

Tea has become a modern snack and people like drinking tea for many reasons. Tea has caffeine in it, which makes us feel energetic for some hours and we can do our work with an enhanced concentration. But drinking tea can be harmful for the patients of diabetes. That’s why today we will talk about different kinds of tea for diabetes patients which you can drink and they will benefit you in diabetes also.

When you can drink tea and keep your blood sugar in control, you don’t have to fear. Absolutely, it is like a challenge for diabetics to bring the blood sugar ranges down. But it is possible if you do the things right. First of all please stop drinking that regular tea, which you already have been consuming since the time immemorial.

Today, the list of teas we are going to share can increase the insulin sensitivity of your body as insulin production disturbs among diabetes patients. So, read the article in detail for a better management of diabetes by drinking healthy cups of tea.

Different Types of Tea for Diabetics

The types of tea which we have brought have anti-inflammatory properties which can make you very healthy by killing harmful bacteria in your body. Moreover, these will help you in glucose ranges in your body, which is the main cause of diabetes. So, let’s unfold this list and know about each type of tea a bit more:

Green tea is very good for diabetes patients

Green tea
Green tea for diabetes patients

Everybody is aware of Green tea and its health benefits. That’s why a large number of people has already started consuming green tea instead of the regular tea. Green tea helps in reducing the body weight, which is one of the common problems among people suffering from diabetes. Even in one study, it was found that green tea drinkers have decreased hemoglobin A1c, which means that these patients can have a prolonged control over their blood sugar.

According to the studies, it is stated that if a person without diabetes drink green tea on a regular basis. Then his chances of becoming a diabetic in later life are very less because green tea can prevent the fasting blood sugar levels. Isn’t it a good new? Definitely, people who are suffering from this disease can only feel what damage it does to their body. So, it is obvious that they don’t want their family members to develop the same problem. So, they can recommend their family members to drink green tea instead of regular tea or coffee.

Well, the recommended dose of green tea for diabetes patients is 3-4 cups. But we suggest to keep it to two cups daily, not more than that.

Turmeric tea can be very healthful in diabetes

turmeric tea
Turmeric tea for diabetes patients

Turmeric is also known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory features. It is a spice which is very easily available in our households. There is a component found which is known as Curcumin, it can reduce blood sugar level in diabetes patients. This component also increases the uptake of glucose by tissues in our body and this way the insulin sensitivity of our body improves.

Drinking turmeric tea has many other health benefits. It reduces any type inflammation in the body and also maintains the health of our kidneys.

Preparing the turmeric tea is extremely easy, you need to simply use the turmeric powder which you need to buy from health food stores. You can simply add little black pepper powder in it as it increases curcumin.

Black tea is better than regular tea for diabetics

black tea
Black tea for diabetes patients

We recommend you to drink the tea that has no milk added in it for your better health. Well black tea is rich in antioxidants that can lower the blood sugar. The same is also proved by several studies.

Not only this, but black tea can also encourage healthy insulin secretion in our body as it provides the protection to cells that secrete insulin.

If you want, you can consume 3-4 cups of black tea, but restrict it to no more than 2 cups.

Cinnamon tea for better health of diabetes patients

cinnamon tea
Cinnamon tea is good for diabetes patients

We talked about the benefit of cinnamon in many of our previous articles. But today we are talking about the tea of this spice, it is very easily available in our households.

Cinnamon is also known as antidiabetic spice as per the studies. There are diabetic patients who are already on supplements of cinnamon in order to decrease their sugar.

Drinking tea is something which is very simple and cost-effective when this herb is available in its real form. So, drink this regularly if don’t want your sugar ranges to be high.

Cinnamon tea is equally helpful in improving insulin sensitivity, which is highly crucial for the patients of diabetes because this only improves the blood sugar levels, otherwise in severe cases when there is hardly any insulin production in body, there is a need to inject artificial insulin which is not good.

Hibiscus tea is a good solution in diabetes

hibiscus tea
Hibiscus tea for diabetes patients.

Hibiscus tea is very healthy for diabetics because it contains polyphenol antioxidants. Drinking hibiscus tea not only improves the blood sugar, but it also improves the inflammation in the body. Also, it is seen that the diabetes patients also suffer from high blood pressure. So, hibiscus tea can be helpful in this respect too.

It is also good for reducing the resistance of insulin in the body, that’s why blood sugar starts improving automatically, once the insulin production gets better.

Lemon balm tea is useful too

lemon balm tea
Lemon balm tea for diabetes patients

Lemon tea comes with lemon scent. It is one of the herbal teas. If you drink this tea, then it helps you have a better absorption of glucose in the body. Therefore, it shows great decrease in blood sugar.

If you want you can even take capsules of lemon balm extract for 3 months in order to reduce your blood sugar to a great extent. It helps people of all ages. Even in Type 2 diabetes, it works quite well.

Chamomile tea is also good in diabetes

chamomile tea
Chamomile tea for diabetes patients

Chamomile tea also has good health benefits. It regulates the blood sugar very well which further shows improvement in the health of diabetic patients. Drinking Chamomile tea also reduces the complications of diabetes. It is because it helps the patients release their stress and feel better.

You know how bad stress could be for diabetes patients as it gears up the fasting blood sugar levels in our body.


So, these were some types of very healthy tea, which you can prepare at the comfort of home whenever you want, so drink them for your better health.


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