Diabetes and food: what to eat and what not to by diabetics

What to eat and what should be completely avoided by diabetics:

If the blood sugar level is increased then it is beneficial for the the people with diabetes to use fruits that have high fiber content. Drinking plenty of water also helps to keep the sugar level right. Blood sugar is not a big issue for many who know what food should be avoided in order to maintain the right sugar level in our body. Of course, it does not happen in one day because you have to develop this habit, moreover it takes a lot of strength in controlling one’s craving for the favourite food. But believe us if you are able to do that, your health is going to be benefited the most and you can yourself feel the difference in the matter of few months. So, try this.

Best foods to include in diet plan to control diabetes

Sugar or diabetes has become one of the common diseases worldwide. It is identified based on the patient’s blood sugar level. Although it is not easy to cure it completely, although it can be controlled to a great extent by making some changes in your diet. If the blood sugar level increases, it is beneficial to use fruits that have high fiber content.

Drinking plenty of water also helps a lot in keeping the sugar level right. Many precautions are very important to keep the sugar level right. It is believed that low levels of junk food and trans food can keep sugar levels right, and this is also true to some extent. There are some exceptions related to sugar levels which are also confusing. However, a balanced diet is not harmful to sugar patients, unless you consume foods that adversely affect your blood sugar levels.

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Diabetics should not eat potatoes

blood sugar
Potatoes are not good for diabetics

Potato is a vegetable that is found in every household, it is seen in the gravy of every vegetable. Even potatoes are added to casserole and raita. While potato is good for the skin on the one hand, there are many such elements in it which are very beneficial for our health. Some of these elements are as follows:

vitamin C



Vitamin B





But despite such specifics, it is harmful to patients with sugar. It also has a high glycemic index along with high carbohydrates which can increase your blood sugar levels. So, please don’t ever eat it in a high amount in case of suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Should diabetics eat watermelon?

type 2 diabetes
Watermelon increases the blood sugar levels

Many experts believe that excessive use of watermelon can prove dangerous for many diabetes patients. Due to this, there is scope of increase of blood sugar levels. There may be a complaint of high blood pressure in such condition. Anyway, the glycemic index of melon is 72, which is very high for the diabetes patient. This means that the use of watermelon can be very harmful for the diabetes patient. Please refrain from eating it.

Should diabetics not eat raisins?

Kishmish increases the glucose in body

Consultant Nutritionist Dr. Rupali Dutta says that sugar patients should avoid dry fruits. Because it is another form of fresh fruits, due to which in them the properties of fruits are found in very high amounts. For example, we would like to tell you that while a cup of grapes contains 27 grams of carbohydrate, on the other hand, the amount of carbohydrate in a cup of raisins increases to 115 grams. In this case, the use of raisins can increase the sugar level.

Should diabetes patients eat chiku fruit?

Chikoo is very high in glycemic index

According to nutritionist Rupali Dutta, it is important for a diabetic or sugar patient to keep chiku out of their diet. Actually it is very sweet as well as its glycemic index is also very high. For this reason, its intake is not beneficial for the patients of sugar.

Diabetes patients should not eat mangoes

Type 1 diabetes
Mangoes are not for diabetics

The nutritionist says that it is good for sugar patients to ignore fruits that contain high amounts of sugar. By the way, sugar is naturally present in all fruits, but it is very high in mangoes. In such a situation it is better to keep it away from your diet.

Should diabetes patients eat bananas

food for diabetes
Bananas are good for people with diabetes

The biggest confusion for sugar patients is about bananas. Bananas are high in carbohydrates, due to which there has always been confusion about this. But the truth is that the carbohydrates present in bananas are good. It also contains fiber, which can help reduce blood sugar levels. More ripe bananas, which have more brown spots, have higher sugar levels as compared to less ripe bananas. So, just eat the ones which are less ripe. Also, we suggest you to consult your doctor once before including bananas in your diet.

Fruit juice can also harm diabetes patients

Juices are bad for diabetes

Try to eat fresh fruits instead of including fruit juices in your diet. This is beneficial because fruits are high in fiber and diabetic patients are advised to take as much as fiber in their diet because it slows down the digestion of food. The juice is extremely low in fiber and if you drink packed juice, it contains a high amount of fructose which can increase your sugar level. So, refrain from the packed juices for sure.

Full fat milk is also harmful

By many nutritionists milk is recommended for everyone to include in the diet, but sugar patients should avoid full-fat milk. The amount of fat inside it is high. The fat present in full fat milk can increase the amount of insulin. Therefore you should use low fat milk instead.

In the above lines, we tried our best to acquaint you with some food items which can be very dangerous for the patients of diabetes and the ones which can be helpful too. So, please stay try to remember while consuming any one of them.