Caffeine and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes | Bad Effect on Blood Sugar

There is a relation between intake of caffeine and diabetes. Caffeine is found in numerous items that we consume every day. Well, there are types of diabetes and there is a degree to it. Type 1 diabetes is not that serious as Type 2 diabetes, so when we say that caffeine can be harmless, it is only for those people who don’t have much issue with their sugar.

In the case of Type 2 diabetes, it is suggested that you consume caffeine in a very less quantity. All the sweet items you need to abstain from if they are high on GI because they shoot up your blood sugar levels.

Let’s talk about how caffeine can have a bad effect on our blood sugar:

Well, it varies for every individual. As we know that basically poor insulin and increase in glucose in the body is the main reason of diabetes. Caffeine intake impacts people very differently. Some people have an unusual increase in blood sugar, while others can even have an increased in insulin too. In Type 2 diabetes patients, the intake of caffeine can be very harmful. That’s why we don’t suggest them consuming tea or coffee or any such food item that can have caffeine content.

Not only this but in some cases, caffeine can even impact insulin sensitivity which is one problem in diabetic patients. It means that the pancreas in their body produces insulin, but their body becomes resistant to it. This is called lowered sensitivity of insulin. In such patients, the extra sugar is not absorbed from their blood.

In Type 2 diabetes patients, it is quite common to see an increase in their blood sugar after eating or drinking anything because the insulin is not utilized well by their body. In this situation, if you start consuming caffeine, it does worse than good to your body and it becomes very difficult to bring the sugar level of your body down. So, we recommend you not to take caffeine because it can even lead to other health complications in the near future because Type 2 diabetes is a serious condition.

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Let’s see why caffeine has a bad effect on our blood sugar:

According to many researchers, caffeine can be the reason for the increase in stress hormones which is linked to adrenaline or epinephrine. Stress is very dangerous for diabetes patients because it increases blood sugar in our bodies.

When your body is stressed out, it cannot function well. In fact, your body cannot even produce a sufficient amount of insulin. It does not also process the sugar in your body which keeps on depositing in the blood instead of turning into energy by your cells. This causes shooting blood sugar levels.

Moreover, when you are under stress, you cannot even take good sleep, which further adds to it. To your surprise, even lack of sleep lowers the insulin sensitivity of your body. So, the caffeine intake ruins the whole system. Therefore, you should avoid it in all possible situations.

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Let’s see what is that amount of caffeine which can cause damage to our body:

According to many studies, only 200 milligrams of caffeine is enough to ruin our body and increase our blood sugar. You can even take it this way. If you consume one cup of coffee, you can have the same amount of caffeine or when you drink three cups of black tea, then also it is equal to the same. So, any which way you are going to be in an alarming stage, if you drink tea or coffee.

Therefore, we suggest you not take caffeine at all. If you cannot avoid it at any cost because there are some people who cannot start their day without drinking tea or coffee, only they should have a very small cup of it in the morning only. Actually, it is also true that response to caffeine completely depends on factors like age and weight.

It has also been seen that people who have been regular drinkers of coffee may not have increased blood sugar as their body has become accustomed to the amount of caffeine they are taking over the years. But yes it impacts them the most who start drinking coffee after diabetes.

We recommend you to talk to your doctor once about the impact of caffeine on your blood sugar. Your doctor is the best person to guide you in this respect because we told you that caffeine impact is not the same for all people with diabetes. It is more on the basis of how it is impacting you as a person. Your doctor will do a test for you or you can even test your blood sugar at home. When we test whether or not our sugar level goes up after a meal, it is after two hours of consuming that meal.

So, you need to do it this way sometimes after taking caffeine and on some days you have to skip it in order to see a clear difference.

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Let’s see what is the effect of caffeine before you develop diabetes disease:

Hot beverages like coffee and tea are good for your health if you are not suffering from diabetes. They keep you away from infections. In fact, taking caffeine on a regular basis in a particular amount also prevents you from developing diabetes as caffeine has a good concentration of antioxidants. Caffeine is good in reducing inflammation also.

But when we say this all, it is only for the people who don’t have Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes patients cannot at all consume caffeine because it is very dangerous for their health. If the blood sugar is not controlled in time, then it can be the cause of many other serious health issues.

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The above mentioned were some points which everyone should be aware of. So, if you are still having tea or coffee, please be very careful with it because if you yet not faced any issues could be a possibility that in the future you will have to. We would like to suggest to you the best and caffeine is not good for diabetics. Hope you either limit the consumption or avoid it completely for better control of your blood sugar.