Type 2 Diabetes – Best Food, Weight Reduction and Physical Activity

type 2 diabetes
What is Type 2 Diabetes?
What is the most impacted age group of Type 2 Diabetes?
What is the best food for Type 2 Diabetes?
Can physical activity and reduction in weight help Type 2 diabetes patients?

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Before we start following the right diet for controlling Type 2 diabetes, we have to understand what Kind 2 diabetes is.

Type 2 diabetes is that form of diabetes where we have almost 90% of cases of this type of diabetes.

We know that there is a hormone called ‘Insulin’ in our body which is very important to be found in the right amount in order to have a better and smoother functioning of the organs of our body.

But in Type 2 diabetes, body stops responding to insulin and it becomes insulin resistant. When the insulin which is produced in the body is not utilized well, blood glucose levels start rising and more and more insulin is released. In contrast, this impacts the pancreas in some people with Type 2 diabetes. In this situation body produces less insulin which is not sufficient for the body and it again causes high blood sugar levels.

What is the most impacted age group of Type 2 Diabetes?

Although Type 2 diabetes is generally found in older adults, it is now seen in children, teenagers and young adults. This change is encountered all because of other problems such as obesity, lack of physical activity and improper diet.



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