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amla for diabetes
Benefits of Amla for Diabetes Patients
How to use Amla to improve Blood Sugar?
Amla and Ayurveda

Amla which is also known as Indian Gooseberry is very popular for its health benefits as it has medicinal properties. Amla is useful in fighting with many health related issues. Diabetes is one of them. Yes, you read it right. We are saying that amla can help people with diabetes lower their blood sugar very easily with the help of right consumption of Amla.

Well, it on the one hand, boosts one’s immunity and on the other hand it prevent the extra buildup of glucose in your body after 2 hours of eating any meal. That’s why it is also known as anti-diabetic. If you include it in your diet on regular basis, then you have very positive results.

Diabetes over the time has become a very common health problem and it is as a consequence of modern lifestyle. Nowadays every next person is overweight and this even makes the problem worse. The insulin production is not adequate in human body due to which we have to suffer from high blood sugar as extra sugar is not absorbed and used in the form of fuel by body in lack of insulin production.

Of course, we don’t say that by eating Amla, you will get rid of from the diabetes disease completely. But yes you can definitely bring your sugar levels down which is really not an easy task. You need a proper diet for managing your blood sugar and along with that you even have to use some other remedies which can help you in the same regard. Absolutely Amla is one of them.

Benefits of Amla for Diabetes Patients

We constantly want to acquaint you with the knowledge through which we can help you the best. We understand how difficult it is to be with the disease of diabetes. The restrictions are more and you cannot lead your life the way you want. Believe us with time, diabetes gets worse if neglected and this is the only reason that we keep putting the best remedies available for this disease. Diabetes is all about lifestyle problems and it can only improve if you make changes in your lifestyle.

When we talk about lifestyle, it also means the kind of diet we consume because that makes the whole difference. In order to reduce you blood sugar ranges, you need to surely make changes in your diet because whatever you eat contributes to the glucose level in your body. Today we are talking about Amla which can keep the sugar level steady in your body. Amla is a cure to many other health related problems according to health experts. But you mustn’t know that it could be helpful in diabetes disease also.

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Let’s talk further how amla can be very helpful for the diabetics:
  • You know very well that pancreatic issues develop the problem of insulin resistance in our body when we suffer from diabetes. But Amla is known to be a remedy to pancreatitis. Thus, insulin production is improved in your body when you consume Amla on a regular basis. Of course, when pancreas is able to fulfill the need of insulin production in our body, we don’t have extra sugar entering the blood stream as it is converted into energy.
  • Amla also improves our metabolism which is another bigger problem for the patients of diabetes. This happens because the body becomes insensitive to insulin and does not respond to it. This further spikes the blood sugar in our body. But amla contains chromium which a mineral. This mineral can improves out metabolism.
  • Amla has a powerful antioxidant which keeps the diabetes in control. This antioxidant in amla can also reverse diabetes condition as it makes the glucose steady in your body. There is no damage done by oxidation when you consume amla on regular basis. Amla contains polyphenols that have properties, which are known to protect our body from oxidative stress caused by high blood sugar.
  • Weight gain is an usual problem in diabetics, but if you eat amla regularly, you can maintain the right weight very easily. Amla does not have much calories, so you don’t add calories in your diet on its consumption. It improves the problem of insulin resistance that generally increases because of weight gain.
  • Amla has polyphenols which protect the human body from any kind of oxidation which is generally the result of high blood sugar levels in our body.

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How to use Amla to improve Blood Sugar?

Amla or Indian Gooseberry is available in different forms. It is available in the raw form. You can even get dry amla or its powder. Not only this, but people even make pickle out of it.

But we will tell you the best way to have it with the problem of diabetes. Diabetes sufferers must drink the juice of Amla. This can have a positive impact on the health of diabetics. But make sure that you drink it every morning.

The other way of consuming it could be that you sprinkle it on your food like salt. It will add some flavor to your food as well as add nutrition to it. This will definitely do wonders in the problem of high blood sugar in Type 2 diabetes patients.

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Amla and Ayurveda

Ayurveda trusts in this medicinal fruit very much. It even includes it with many herbs to overcome skin and hair related problems. For weight loss also amla is very good. It is very rich in Vitamin C and many other minerals which are very essential for one’s body. It is good for our overall health. Like it is very helpful in managing the blood sugar ranges very well.

Consult the Doctor:

Whatever we suggest you here on our website is brought to you for your convenience, but we don’t challenge the knowledge of your doctor because your doctor knows your case the best. So before you want to include amla in your diet, just talk about it with your doctor once. Sometimes when you eat amla with medicine, there is a chance of sudden drop in your blood sugar levels.

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