Potatoes for Diabetes Patients Should be Restricted

Today, we are going to talk about the burning topic among diabetics about whether or not the potatoes should be consumed by them. We all know that potato is a kind of vegetable which is mostly mixed with other vegetables and then it is eaten. It makes other vegetables taste better. Some dishes can also be prepared with only potatoes too. But the real question is should people with diabetes eat potatoes or not? Let’s talk about it in detail with clear reasons for it:

What does the Glycemic Index of Potatoes say?

First of all, when we talk about the right or wrong food for diabetics, we base our ideas on the Glycemic Index. Generally, people with diabetes can eat only those types of food which are low on the GI Index.

But when we talk about the GI index of potatoes, it seems to be comparatively higher than other food types. Although there are different varieties in potatoes that all have some different GI values, but most of them come in the category of 80-90 GI. This is actually a very high GI value. One with diabetes cannot even have potatoes because it nearly doubles what diabetic people can consume. That’s why we suggest the people with diabetes away from the consumption of potatoes in any which way.

Anything that has a GI index over 55 will definitely elevate the blood sugar levels.

Why is the Glycemic Index of Potatoes Too High?

Well, it is because it is a staple. There is no doubt that potatoes are quite affordable and extremely nutritious too. They are too high on the glycemic index and one reason of this is that it contains starch. This starch is made of strings of glucose that are too long. Being too high on GI Index, this starch is digested very quickly in our body.

If we talk about the GI of glucose alone, it is 100 points. As far as the GI of potatoes is concerned, it is quite close to the one of glucose, which is 80-90 points. Now, you can imagine how harmful the potatoes will be if you consume them in the condition of diabetes. So, now as you know the real fact about the potatoes, you need to stop eating them right away.

It is because the carbohydrate which comes from potatoes have twofold glucose as compared to sugar. Therefore, they are going to increase the sugar levels to a great extent and their consumption can be very risky especially to patients with Type 2 diabetes.

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What are those reasons that affect the GI of Potatoes?

Well, as we told you at the beginning of this article that not every type of potato comes with a similar GI, some even have a very low GI Index. But it is truly very difficult to select the right ones when it is the case of diabetics because we don’t want to be skeptical. So, the better thing is that you avoid them completely. If you want to know what is that which leads to a high GI of potatoes, then you can read the reasons which are Variety of Potatoes and Cooking Style.

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Variety of Potatoes:

We have already talked about that potatoes come in a huge variety. Of course, not every type of potato stands high on GI. There are some which are stuck to only 53 points. But yes it is very difficult to select one. But when we talk about the one with GI 53, it is actually eatable even by diabetics as long as they can make out the difference between this and all the other ones.

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Cooking Style of Potatoes:

Of course, the cooking style of potatoes also makes a difference in this regard. Like when you add other ingredients to potatoes, it could be a possibility that the glucose produced by them will be high or low. That’s why it is recommended to the patients to eat them either cold or reheated because the boiled potatoes or instant mashed potatoes yield quite a high glycemic response. If you want you can even eat them baked potatoes because they are also quite low on GI.