Alternative of Sugar for Diabetics | Natural Sugar vs. Artificial Sugar

Why is the sugar so dangerous for our health?
Jaggery or Gud:
Raw honey
Sugar from Dates
Coconut Sugar
Mishri or Desi Khand

The sugar which we use in our homes is basically the main reason for most of the diseases which we suffer from, so today we are going to talk about the alternative which can be used in place of sugar and you can stay healthy and safe. This not only helps you in the problem of diabetes but also keeps you away from other heath issues.

If we compare today’s time with that of the past, then we realize that the life has changed to a great extent because nowadays we don’t eat just to feel full but we do it to satisfy our taste buds and the definition of consuming different meals has changed broadly as the idea of eating is no longer to gain energy from food.

We are exposed to western culture in a way that we don’t eat food to keep healthy, but because we like to have it as it’s attractive to us or maybe the reason is that we feel there is class in that type of food. I believe if other cultures have a tradition of eating some type of food, it could be because that goes with the sort of geographical circumstances they have present over there in that place. The same applies to our culture, if we are eating something it means it is according to the kind of geographical setting we are into.

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So, when it comes to eating, we should not copy it just for the sake of it, but even try to analyse if it is healthy for us or not. Definitely there is food which looks very palatable and one cannot avoid from getting attracted to it or eating them because it’s not possible.But consuming anything without knowing the ill effects can definitely have a very adverse effect on our overall health.

Sugar is also something artificial which is prepared with the help of many chemicals. That is the reason that it is not good for the health of anyone and when we talk about the diabetics, it’s going to have many severe health related issues on consuming it. If I tell you the facts which are collected after having long research on Sugar and its consumption, then you will realize that there are about 60% health complications which are due to consumption of chemical based sugar in our food. Not only this, but this number is continuously increasing day by day.

Also, there is a long held misunderstanding about consumption of food which is sweet in taste. people who are suffering from the problem of diabetes, they feel that after becoming a prey of this health issue, they can never eat anything which is sweet, but this is a misconception. Well, sugar is really harmful for diabetics but when we talk about other things which are sweet in taste, we have to understand their impact on our health because some things are sweet but they are good for the health of diabetics, but at the same time, there are some which should be avoided. Of course sugar has to be avoided because it is chemical based.

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According to Dr Robert lustig, the professor of University Of California,  sugar has an equal impact on a body as the alcohol, so now you can realize how harmful it can be for overall health if it is not taken in a limit because alcohol also does a huge level of damage if consumed in a higher amount. Robot lusting is the first person who raised his voice against the intake of sugar because he found that the intake of sugar can cause many diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver and heart related complications.

We bring information from time to time to acquaint you with the best possible ways to control the problem of diabetes because it definitely welcomes many other physical ailments when it is present in one’s body. So, here in this article also we are going to talk about some alternatives that can help you find out the solution of how to replace the consumption of sugar with other more suitable types of sweet. Please read this article in detail.

Why is the sugar so dangerous for our health?

Some decades ago, people came to know about a new disease called diabetes and then they studied about it and they also came to know about its root cause. Even the awareness campaigns contributed to the same and they spread awareness among the masses about the threats of daily consumption of chemical based sugar. Although people are now aware of the problems which are because of eating sugar, they still are not able to remove it from their diet.

We know it very well that sugar is made from the sugarcane juice. But by the time sugar is transformed in the form of crystal, all its nutrients are destroyed in the whole process that has to happen before that. In fact, many chemicals are also added in it which are really very harmful for anyone’s health.

This is the only reason that it is not digested very quickly our intestines become unsuccessful in doing that because it has zero protein and minerals. On the other hand, in case of healthy food which is rich in nutrients, minerals and protein, the process of digestion begins from our teeth when we chew the food. That’s why our body is not able to perform better because sugar is deposited in our stomach and then it increases the level of blood sugar. This not only makes us unfit but look much older very early. At the same time, more consumption of sugar increases the body weight and the problem of high blood sugar makes our skin full of wrinkles.

Intake of sugar also makes skin more prone to acne because it’s acidic. Moreover, it increases the possibility of suffering from diabetes to 83% if in case a lot of juices, cold drinks and cold coffee are consumed in a very high amount. It ruins the balance of insulin production in the body. Cavity issues also stem from the higher consumption of sugar in food. Not only this, but it also increases extra fat in different parts of the human body which is again a very harmful thing for one’s health.

Extra fat increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart stroke, joint problem, arthritis, insomnia, kidney failure and cancers. So now you can understand how dangerous it is to eat chemical based sugar. Even after knowing all this, people are not able to change their habit or addiction of sugar and they use it in a very large amount in different types of food. They take it in juices, desserts and many other dishes from morning tea to evening milk.

After considering all the above mentioned health complications, we have reached the conclusion that there is a dire need of replacing sugar from our diet with the help of other alternatives and these alternatives can be as follows:

Sugar intake is the main reason of extra fat


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