6 Ideas of Health Care for Patients with Diabetes at Home

We all know that any health problem that occurs is associated to other problems in human body. So, whenever we try to cure one, we have to try to fix the other one concurrently. Today, we are going to talk about such complications that may exaggerate the problem of diabetes. But if it is tackled with other problem together, then it can help our overall health.

Definitely if you want to control your diabetes, you need to simply work upon few things. These could be some bad habits related to your lifestyle or could be the changes which you may have to bring in the meals that you have. So, let’s read this article to see how you can better tackle or control the diabetes to the minimum by making small changes in your life.

Here are very effective ways to solve the problem of diabetes which are as following:

No smoking

with diabetes
Smoking can be very harmful in diabetes

The first and foremost thing is to quit smoking because it’s seriously injurious to your health if you are a diabetic. It’s not a joke at all. We all have human tendency to follow others blindly. We just see if smoking doesn’t impact the health of our friend, it won’t even damage ours. But it is not like that. Actually, everyone has a different metabolism and immune system. Some people our able to see the consequences of something in a few weeks’ time, while it takes years for others. So, never do a mistake of matching your health with anyone else’s.

We would like to be very blunt here. Diabetes also has levels. More serious level is Type 2. At the same time if you smoke, you develop the risk of Type 2 diabetes regardless of being very healthy. Quit it before it’s too late.

Now, let’s see when you smoke. Actually smoking reduces the blood flow in your lower limbs (legs) which leads to many different types of infections. You know it very well what happens when your body becomes infected in the situation of being diabetic. You are aware that it takes longer in recovery from any health issue. If the infection is not controlled, it leads to amputation or surgery of different body parts.

Smoking in diabetics can cause heart stroke, kidney failure, blurred vision or blindness and in some case it can even risk the life of the patient.

No to alcohol

Drinking can be very harmful blood sugar

Drinking is another problem in the patients with diabetes. It causes a lot of fluctuation in the glucose ranges in blood. Always remember not to overdrink. Only consume it in a limit, one or two drinks are fine casually. But do not consume it on daily basis as it can worsen your diabetes.

Also, when you consume alcohol, take it with some snack. Do not drink just like that. We recommend you not to drink at all. But if you can drink in moderation, then also it does not cause much risk to your health. But as we talked before that everyone’s body is different.

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol have to be in control

type 2 diabetes
Blood pressure needs to be maintained for quick recovery in diabetes patients

High blood pressure is not good for blood vessels as it causes damage to them. If you have high blood pressure and diabetes together. It means that they can cause the double damage to them which is going to be very risky.

Even high cholesterol can be problematic why because it damages the overall health of an individual. In case a patient who has all these problem together, then there is a high chance of heart arrack and in some stages it can be life-threating in some people with diabetes.

So, what best you can do to solve the problem of high blood pressure is that you can start cutting fat from your diet and exercise more and more. It can sort that out to a great extent. But in some cases when you find it very much troublesome, then you can even move to some prescribed medication by your doctor.

Stress Management

Stress Management
Use stress management techniques for diabetes

Stress is obviously a main factor of worsening any health issue. The same applies in the problem of diabetes. First of all when you are stress, the chances of forgetting to care for health increase. But it can welcome many other severe health issue as you know that diabetes care is lifelong and you cannot even forget it for a day.

To combat this, we suggest you to regularly follow relaxation techniques. Also, get good amount of sleep and try to be hopeful in every situation. Nothing is more important than your own help, so keep the things aside for a while that cause you stress.

Maintain the health of your teeth

Cleaning teeth twice a day is important for diabetics

In diabetes disease, it’s quite common that your gum can have infections. So, brush your teeth more often, brushing twice a daily will be helpful. Make sure that you use a toothpaste that has fluoride in it. In addition, use floss daily. Keep going for checkup of any tooth problem you encounter without delaying it.

Maintain the health of your feet

feet health
Cleaning of feet has to be very regular in diabetes

It is quite normal for feet to catch infections in the situation of diabetes. So, you have to be extra careful for their better health. Even a small injury to your feet like cuts or blisters can lead to higher level of risks. This all happens because the blood flow to feet is disturbed by the increase of sugar in the blood.

To maintain the health of your feet, you can take some precautions like you can wash your feet daily with some lukewarm water instead of washing them with normal water because hot water can remove any bacteria from the feet. Don’t ever soak your feet in water for avoiding to have dry skin because this can further worsen the problem. Between the toes is the space which locks the extra moisture, so you need to be a bit more careful in order to clean that area because extra water locked there can also lead to infection.

You can use petroleum jelly after washing your feet. Ensure not to apply any oil on your feet especially between or over the toes. Never ever go barefoot anywhere, even in the house develop a habit of wearing slippers more often.


Thus, these were some precautions or measure which you can take to maintain your health if you are a diabetic patient. This article will definitely help you escaping from any issues which can contribute to the worsening of the problem of diabetes.