Fenugreek Seeds Diabetes Treatment for Insulin and Weigh Loss

fenugreek seeds


If you drink Fenugreek seed water, you can have very low blood sugar
If you consume fenugreek seeds in your meal daily, you can improve insulin sensitivity
If you eat fenugreek seeds regularly, then you can also lose some weight

In this article, our main focus is Fenugreek. We would tell you how magical this ingredient could be for diabetes patients, as it can lower down blood sugar very effectively.

There are many good things which you can find in your kitchen. Well, all the spices which we have been using so far are added in our life for some reasons. But now cultural influence has changed how they were used in the past.

In the same fenugreek has also lost its place. This is now used very rarely in our food because there other ingredients which have taken its place. We have also started using some herbs as spices which are only native to other countries.

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Let’s unfold how you can consume it in order to overcome the problem of diabetes:

If you drink Fenugreek seed water, you can have very low blood sugar.

This is the fact that if you drink water of fenugreek seed, you can easily fix the problem of shooting blood sugar level.

Well, you might know that fenugreek seeds has a fiber which is soluble. When you consume water of fenugreek, it slows down the digestion of food. Doctors in diabetes problem recommend their patients to depend on small meals instead of consuming large meals. It is because the large meals are broken down into more sugar at the same time, while small meals do not build up large sugar ranges in the body. This prevents sugar level from spiking on very high rate immediately.

This is the main reason that we always try to slow down the digestion process, so that body does not take a lot of sugar from the body, but this happens on several intervals.

If the digestion of food slows, the body can better absorb carbohydrates and sugar in the blood. Hence, there won’t be increase in glucose level. Moreover, if you consume fenugreek water, amino acid present in it break sugar in the blood.

The best way of consuming fenugreek seed water is to use fenugreek seeds which were soaked overnight. You just need one tablespoon of them. You can drink one glass of hot water of soaked fenugreek seeds. Make sure you drink this water empty stomach in morning.

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If you consume fenugreek seeds in your meal daily, you can improve insulin sensitivity.

Actually, diabetes is a disorder which is as a result of insulin resistance in our body. During this, insulin production is almost zero or very low. That’s why blood sugar increases because insulin utilize the sugar in the right manner in our body.

On consuming fenugreek seeds daily can definitely help and individual in regulating the insulin level in our blood, which can further be helpful in controlling diabetes to a great extent.

This way tolerance of our body to glucose increases as release of more insulin is possible and ultimately our blood sugar comes down.

The best way of having it that you soak fenugreek seeds hot water until they become soft and then mix them in any dish you prepare for yourself. Well, this way you won’t realize that you are eating them because some people don’t like their unusual odor.

How do you lose weight with type 2 diabetes

If you eat fenugreek seeds regularly, then you can also lose some weight.

Magical fenugreek seeds can also help you in shedding some pounds from your body which becomes like a difficult task in diabetes disease.

The problem of cholesterol is very common with diabetes patients and when you have bad cholesterol deposit in your body, you even gain more weight. Doctors and nutritionists recommend diabetics to go on a diet rich in fiber and eat food as per its glycemic index. This type of food can easily increase are metabolism which is suffered in diabetes patients in general. The same is with fenugreek seeds, they have high content of soluble fiber, which is very healthy for the diet of diabetic patients.

What’s more, it can even prevent you from eating anything that comes before you as it can kill your craving for tastes. It even makes you feel full for longer than usual, so you automatically tend to eat very less. This further contributes to weight loss, which is a crucial thing in controlling blood sugar ranges.

The best way of consuming fenugreek seeds for weight loss is that you start drinking tea of fenugreek seeds instead of the regular tea. It will boost your metabolism.

Just simply boil the water and then add one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in it. Keep this mixture for a while, once the seeds are settled at the bottom, you can drink this water. Drink it lukewarm.

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So, these were some facts about fenugreek seeds, which are really going to help you if you or any one in your family is suffering from diabetes. Don’t worry, you can definitely control your blood sugar because it is all about its better management. Although it is a serious issue when out of control, but you should stay positive and stress free for sure because stress worsens the issue.


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