Healthy Juices for Diabetic Patients


Healthy Juices for Diabetic Patients
Bitter Gourd (Karela) Juice in Diabetes Diet
Fenugreek Water in Diabetes Diet
Cinnamon Water in Diabetes Diet

Today we are going to talk about three main important low calorie drinks for diabetic patients, so that you can easily control diabetes with the help of it. Also, if you never want to suffer from the problem of diabetes, in that case also you can start drinking these drinks. They are a good addition in diabetes diet. These are easily made with the material available in your own kitchen. So, let’s see what drinks they are and how beneficial they can be for diabetes sufferers.

Bitter Gourd (Karela) Juice in Diabetes Diet

Bitter gourd is very popular for its medicinal properties. This is one of the commonly used green vegetable by Indians. In fact, people all across the world are very much aware of health benefits of bitter gourd. Today, we are going to tell you how good Karela Juice can in the diet of diabetics. Bitter gourd has some properties that help you in controlling blood sugar level.

Bitter Gourd Juice a Diabetes Remedy

According to many dietitians, juice made with bitter gourd can enable production of insulin in one’s body. This can surely prevent sugar from getting converted into fat. Hence, the body can have its right utilization. It not only helps in regulating blood sugar in the body, but also in reducing the excess weight from body.

Nutritionists recommend a glass of bitter gourd juice in morning time, which is the best time for consumption of bitter gourd juice.

Fenugreek Water in Diabetes Diet

This is another very beneficial material available in our kitchen which can have very good impact on our health. In the ancient time, people were very well aware the benefits of this medicinal plant. But nowadays people have even forgotten to use it in the right way and this happened because of cultural change. But not to worry, you can start using it now. As we know that Fenugreek is known as Maithi in hindi. It is available in many forms. You can use it in seed form, leafy vegetable form or powder form.

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Fenugreek Juice a Diabetes Remedy

Fenugreek seeds are very helpful in the cure of diabetes. What you actually have to do is that you need to soak only 10 grams of fenugreek seeds in hot water. After one or two hours you can drink that water. This a very good home remedy to gear the manufacturing of insulin in human body. You can drink this water daily to keep a good control on the problem of diabetes. Fenugreek is rich in fiber. It has an ability to slow the digestion of food. At the same time, it can absorb sugar and carbohydrates from the body very well.

Cinnamon Water in Diabetes Diet

We are going to talk about one more item which is also from home kitchen. Everyone is aware of cinnamon. It is used in cooking different recipes. It is one of the spices which can even change the flavor of food completely. But you might not know that it can even be very healthy. It has many health benefits. Today we are telling you that you can even control diabetes with the help of this spice. Why it can be very good for diabetics is because it improves the digestive system. This maintains the glucose level in body and does not let the body accumulate too much fat.

Cinnamon Juice a Diabetes Remedy

So, to keep the diabetes in control, you need to take Cinnamon in very less quantity and drink it in water every morning for best results. Make sure you don’t drink too much cinnamon water, only one glass of it is enough. Over use of Cinnamon can cause gas, so just limit it to only half a teaspoon.

Consult a Doctor –

Although we have brought to you most exceptional home remedies, we also suggest that you always consult the same with your doctor as every diabetes patient is different. But definitely if you drink all the above mentioned juices you can very soon control your diabetes.

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