Full day best diet plan for people with diabetes mellitus

Full day best diet plan for people with diabetes mellitus

1. Follow a right diet for diabetics
2. How to start the morning:
3. Dibetic breakfast in the morning:
4. List for preparing variety of breakfast:
5. Lunch for diabetics as per the diet plan:
6. Early evening meal for diabetics:
7. Dinner as per diabetic diet plan:
8. Meal before going to bed for people with diabetes:


Until now the diet sufferers have realized that the only reason of increasing blood sugar levels is the kind of food which is consumed by them. Not only this, but people without diabetes also have actively started searching for the reasons of diabetes disease because they know the dangers of diabetes mellitus very well. Now as people are aware of the causes of diabetes, so they like to take precaution in order to steer clear off this disease.


Follow a right diet for diabetics

Diabetes if you know is free from age groups, which means anybody can suffer from it, whether the sufferer is a child, a woman or man from adulthood or old age.

Vegetables for diabetics

Of course, when you want to keep safe from the problem of diabetes, you need to compromise on your favourite food because could be a possibility that you are unaware of the fact is still consuming the food which is increasing your blood sugar levels.

But a little more awareness about the kind of food which you like consuming more can help you with the information of which food you need to consume less and which you need to consume more. So, this is the game of bringing the right balance in your diet.

Let’s see how to work out with the meals of the day for the people affected by diabetes

In this article, we have incorporated all the important things which one should include in different meals throughout the day. This will give you a right picture about what you should eat and what you should exclude or consume in less quantity.

How to start the morning:

The diabetic diet plan begins as soon as you wake up. You need to take one glass of lukewarm water just after waking up. This helps in removal of toxins from your body. Also, eat fenugreek why because it eases the symptoms of diabetes. You can take it in the powder form which is the easiest. Make sure you consume only a tablespoon of it and not more than that.

Diabetic breakfast in the morning:

diabetes mellitus
Porridge for diabetics

After an hour or so, you can have one cup of tea or coffee along with a very healthy breakfast before starting your hectic day schedule. Make sure never ever skip the breakfast irrespective of your very busy work schedule. In fact, plan your day in such a way that you can spare enough time in preparation of the breakfast, it doesn’t take you long if you have already made up your mind for that. After all it is for your good health.


List for preparing variety of breakfast

We are giving you some options with the help of which you can very quickly get yourself breakfast ready. Good news is that it gives you an opportunity to choose your favourite food items from the given list. We have arranged this list as per seven days a week. You can use the given diet plan in any sequence. These are some easy breakfast ideas.

First meal in breakfast

Day 1 One cup of tea or coffee or maybe chas or yogurt(as per your choice you can consume one of them).
Day 2 One bowl porridge (daliya) with one cucumber.
Day 3 Vegetable moong chilla (you can include 2-3 vegetables in it).
Day 4 One bowl upma with vegetables.
Day 5 Two rotis with one bowl vegetable (choose any green vegetable like radish, fenugreek (green maithi), spinach).
Day 6 One bowl wheat porridge made with milk and have one cucumber or tomato.
Day 7 Two whole grain breads with egg yolks and lots of vegetables.
Second meal in breakfast:
Have a handful of chick pea which are roasted and also consume one cup of green tea with that. OR
Have a whole fruit like apple, orange, guava. You can even substitute whole fruit with 2-3 slices of papaya.


Diabetics must not have too much gap between their meals. So, they should have the habit of eating one or the healthy thing. It is actually very important for diabetic patient. One can choose any option which are given above in the table.


Lunch for diabetics as per the diet plan

First of all, there is a need of eating well during lunch time. This is the only meal when you have the freedom to include as many food items as you want or you can even restrict your diet as per the schedule you follow. We are discussing some options which you can have for your lunch.

Vegetables are preferable for diabetics

Option 1:

  • Salad is must in lunch. you need to consume one bowl salad too, as we said it is must in lunch.
  • You can have two roti with one large bowl of vegetable and one bowl of lentils.
  • You can substitute lentils with sprouted grains, yogurt, chas, 2-3 pieces of chicken or fish.

Option 2:

  • One large bowl of vegetable porridge.
  • Consume curd with porridge.
  • No need to have salad additionally because you are going to add a lot of vegetables in porridge.


Early evening meal for diabetics

As we have been discussing that it is very crucial for a diabetic patient to eliminate too much gap between meals. For this reason, one needs to have evening snack. You can have evening snack during 4 or 5 pm. This will not let you feel hungry. We have given you some options which will give you an idea of what can be included in the evening meal.

whole fruit for diabetes
Whole fruit for diabetics
  • One option is like breakfast, you can either have any one whole fruit like apple, orange, guava or 2-3 slices of papya.
  • You can also have one handful gram either boiled or roasted as a substitute.
  • Chas without salt or sugar can also be a good option.
  • Sandwiches are also very light for evening snack, but avoid using butter, cheese or mayonnaise.
  • Dried bhel can be eaten too because it includes many vegetables like cucumber, peas, tomato, coriander and onion.


Dinner as per diabetic diet plan

We suggest to go for very light dinner being a diabetic. Make sure you also try consuming green leafy vegetables during this time also. You can eat any vegetable in salad, but keep away from beetroot and tubers.

Let’s see the options of dinner:

Option 1:

  • Consume one bowl salad, include any vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes (either 2 cucumbers or 2 tomatoes).
  • Have 2 roti with one large bowl of vegetables and one bowl of lentils.
  • Lentils could be substituted with sprouted grains, yogurt, chas, 2-3 chicken pieces or fish.

Option 2:

  • Consume only one large bowl of vegetable porridge.

Option 3:

  • Have one bowl of salad, either eat cucumber or tomato.
  • With that, also have one roti or roti made of multigrain flour (millet bread). Consume one bowl of daal.
  • Daal could also be substituted with curd, chas, 2-3 pieces chicken or fish.


Meal before going to bed for people with diabetes

Even after having meal, you should ensure eating something before you go to bed finally. The ideal type of meal during this time would be:

blood sugar
Dry fruits are good for diabetics
  • Some dryfruits (consume either 2 walnuts or 4 almonds).
  • Dryfruits should be eaten with one glass of milk which must be lukewarm.